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Please fill out this form completely and accurately to ensure a correct listing. Click on the link next to the field for more information. There is a $12.95 fee to make corrections to a certificate if you make a mistake, so PLEASE double check this form before ordering! For the best looking certificate, please DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! Prices include shipping

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  United States Of America  Orders - Shipped To An Address Within The USA

US Priority: 4-6 business days
US Express: 1-3 business days

(Express Shipping not
available to APO's)

Standard Package

$39.95 US Priority
($39.95 + $0 Shipping = $39.95)

$62.95 US Express
($39.95 + $23 Shipping = $62.95)

with Planisphere
(add $9.95)

$49.90 US Priority
($49.90 + $0 Shipping = $49.90)

$72.90 US Express
($49.90 + $23 Shipping = $72.90)

International Orders - Shipped OUTSIDE The United States Of America
Int'l Air Mail: 7-21 business days
Int'l Express: 5-7 business days 

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(Int'l = International)
Standard Package
Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($39.95 + $14 Shipping = $53.95)

$99.95 Int'l Express
($39.95 + $60 Shipping = $99.95)
with Planisphere
Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($49.90 + $14 Shipping = $63.90)

$109.90 Int'l Express
($49.90 + $60 Shipping = $109.90)
NOTE: ALL ORDERS to MEXICO must ship by International Express! Number of days listed above are reasonable estimates, not guaranteed. The US Postal Service can only guarantee delivery times on items shipped by Express within the United States. Estimates are based on working days, and exclude holidays. Express Shipping is not available to APO's. Customs and foreign postal services may cause delays on International orders. 

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VERY IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use double quotes ( " ) in this form. The information we receive will be blank and/or not accurate. Single quotes ( ' ) will work fine if you need quotes. Tip: To leave a wish line blank, enter a blank space in the field by clicking in the field and then use the space key. 60 spaces max.)

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bullet Billing information must match the information that your credit card company has. Your credit card statement will show a charge from "ECOPLANET". Please make a note of this! If you request a chargeback from your credit card company disputing this transaction, there will be an automatic deletion of your star listing. Deleted stars cannot be reinstated. Star Wishing Portfolios come with a 30 day guarantee.




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